Selasa, 22 September 2009

Selasa, 08 September 2009

Dear God

God help me through all this
Lord help me to accept reality
Lord help me to become an adult
Lord help me to be patient
God help me restore my smile

God do not let these tears flowing
God do not let it control my ego
God do not let me slumped because of this sadness

God please do not go away
I beg God is always by my side
I beg God guided me
I beg God to teach me
God I beg you give me directions
I beg God give me strength
I beg God bathed me with true love
I beg God draw near me with happiness

I know
God allowed this problem to come to me
because God knows my ability
I know
You promised me
that whenever there is trouble there must be easy
I know
You have created the mysteries of my life
I will never break bisaku
I know
You have created the mysteries
and the reasons behind them

Senin, 07 September 2009


why do we close our eyes
when we sleep?
when we cry?
and when we imagine?
This is because
all the most beautiful things is not visible
There are times when we cry of happiness
the feeling by
hurt their antecedent
those who seek
and those who have tried
because they are who can appreciate
how important is someone that has touched their lives
Love is great
when you drop your tears
and still care for him
Loving isn't how you forget
but how you forgive
isn't how you let him go
but how will you survive
not what you see
but who have you felt

Dear You

although we already had our own life
one thing you should know that I won't forget you