Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

sometimes I feel like I'm being forgetten
forgotten by the people I love
my family, my friends and even forgotten by him: (

sometimes I feel my friend is not there when I need
ok, even though they were
I just ..
i just can't tell them about what I feel
deep in my heart :(

so, I just pretended that everything is ok
give them a fake smile
i smile outside but inside i cry loudly

and the only person who could understand me,
patiently listening to me and
the one I am comfort to share all my feelings just him.. glen :(

but, everything has changed
We used to do everything together
We used to spend our time together especially our phone night :(
And we also used to express our feeling together
When one of us have problem
The other always try to help and make the sad one happy
but now .....
When one of us feel sad
The other always try to make the sad one feel better
but now ...


i miss the old you
i miss how you patiently hear my story
i miss how you patiently hear my anger
i miss how you patiently accompany me till i sleep
i miss how you always be there when i need you
i miss how you fight for our love
i miss how you saying 'iloveyou' to me
i miss how we used to be :'(

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010



Rabu, 15 September 2010

Minggu, 12 September 2010



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this time truly unforgivable
so this is how you treat your best friend
ok I'm not your best friend anymoresince you're in senior high schooland have new friends and a new lifebut it doesn't require that you forget your old friendand it doesn't require that you MUST forget about our friendship
I am very very disappointed in the way you treat your old friend especially ME
that way you forget your old friend and ignore them

i felt forgotten by you if you need to know:(

FYI ...
"The most painful thing is the forgotten by friends"

marilyn monroe

EARTHday fashion show

in The Backstage

my friends and also Ms.Amel helped me to fix the dress

'taaaaraaaa' my paper dress

Ms.Amel (my Homeroom teacher) and I

felt so nervous

Me, Uggy, Aurel, Fina

row before fashion showed


endyuggy & jeffry from 10 st.john

idk who they are, but they certainly from the grade 7

and this is it ..

from the back

once again I do not know who she is, the only thing i know is she from grade 8

Erin from grade 11 science

Fina from grade 8 too ...

idk who he is

anita and david from grade 10 st.john

Melvina from grade 7 i guess

Which one do you think will be the winner ?
let's guess ...


believe it or not ..
the winner is
me :))