Minggu, 12 September 2010

EARTHday fashion show

in The Backstage

my friends and also Ms.Amel helped me to fix the dress

'taaaaraaaa' my paper dress

Ms.Amel (my Homeroom teacher) and I

felt so nervous

Me, Uggy, Aurel, Fina

row before fashion showed


endyuggy & jeffry from 10 st.john

idk who they are, but they certainly from the grade 7

and this is it ..

from the back

once again I do not know who she is, the only thing i know is she from grade 8

Erin from grade 11 science

Fina from grade 8 too ...

idk who he is

anita and david from grade 10 st.john

Melvina from grade 7 i guess

Which one do you think will be the winner ?
let's guess ...


believe it or not ..
the winner is
me :))

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